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Viessmann Vitodens 050-W System Boiler B0HA 25 kW - 7968066

SKU 7968066
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Vitodens 050-W System Boiler B0HA

The new Vitodens 050-W Gas Condensing System Boiler is an attractively priced wall-mounted gas condensing boiler. (LPG compatible)
Fitted with the Viessmann patented Matrix Plus Burner and the Inox-Radial heat exchanger made of stainless steel; these are the heart of your heating system.

Product features:

  • A gas condensing system boiler, (LPG compatible, conversion to LPG is made at the control unit; no conversion kit required)
  • Heating output 3.2 to19kW
  • ERP efficiency 92% (Class A)
  • Hydrogen Ready Boiler (H2 20% blend)
  • Ultra Compact - can be fitted in a kitchen cupboard
  • Just 700 mm in height and 300 mm in depth

Product benefits:

  • Particularly attractive price/performance ratio
  • Durable and efficient due to Inox-Radial stainless steel heat exchanger
  • MatriX-Plus burner with Lambda Pro combustion control system for permanently high efficiency and low emission values
  • Easy operation via a control unit with LED display and touch buttons
  • Internet capability with WiFi inside
  • Ideal for installation in the living area due to low operating noise and compact measurements
  • Low installation height simplifies replacement of old devices
  • Modulation range up to 1:8
  • LPG compatible, no conversion kit required

Touchscreen Display

  • The boiler can be controlled by the new LCD touchscreen or by the ViCare App, some of the display features:
  • User-friendly touch buttons
  • Comprehensive information display
  • Discreet black panel visual design

WiFi Inside:

  • simple guided commissioning via the Vitoguide App
  • homeowner control of heating and DHW programmes using the ViCare App
  • 3rd Party controls not required when using ViCare Thermostat
  • ViCare Thermostat load-compensated control meets 'Boiler-Plus'
  • battery powered
  • RF Connection

Viessmann ViCare Application:

Additionally, you may require:

  • A suitable flue (see Flue tab)
  • A ViCare Thermostat for load compensation (see Accessories tab)
  • An outdoor temperature sensor for weather compensation operation (see Accessories tab)

Compatible Installation Accessories  
Note:- Search Product Accessories code in the Store Search bar.

Product Code Description
ZK04307 Pre-plumbing jig for surface mounting Including valves
ZK06124 Spacer frame for rear pipework inc fasteners. Wall clearance: 90 mm Excl valves 


Product Code Description
ZK05991 ViCare thermostat (modulating)
The function of a wireless, battery-operated room thermostat is provided in conjunction with the ViCare climate sensor. Operation via the ViCare app.
7141709 Vitotrol 100 room thermostat hard wired
7170149 Vitotrol 100 UTA analogue programmable room thermostat 24h hard wired
Z007691 Vitotrol 100 UTDB digital programmable room thermostat - 7-day, single channel hard wired
Z007692 Vitotrol 100 UTDB-RF digital wireless programmable room thermostat - 7-day, single channel
ZK04647 Contact thermostat for underfloor heating with connection cable (1.5 m long)
Z014134 Vitotrol 100 OT Modulating room temperature controller - Open Therm

Product Code Description
ZK06090 Valve fittings cover for device width 400 mm
ZK04306 Outside weather comp temperature sensor - NTC 10 kOhm
ZK04647 Contact thermostat for underfloor heating with connection cable (1.5 m long)