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Thermal Batteries

Our energy solutions utilize various sources such as heat pumps, wind and solar power, grid and microgrid electricity, waste heat, combined heat and power (CHP) and boilers. With their ability to store 4 to 10 times more energy than traditional materials, our batteries are both affordable and sustainable. They are designed to last for an extended period of time and are recyclable. These energy-dense batteries offer a low-carbon solution for a variety of applications, including freezing, cooling, heating, steam, and hot water.

How to Choose Your Thermino Thermal Batteries

Choose your Thermino

O - Primary energy source
- Secondary/optional energy source

1. Compatible with selected heat pumps. Check the product manual for more information.

2. Can be used as a primary hot water source or to pre-heat suitable combi-boilers, reducing gas demand for hot water. Check with the boiler manufacturer for compatibility