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Viessmann Vitocell 100-W SVPA heating buffer vessel 46 litre - wall-mounted for Indoor Unit - Z017685

SKU Z017685
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Manufacturer: Viessman
Designation: Wall-mounted heating water buffer cylinder
Type: Vitocell 100-W, type SVPA
Item number: Z017685
memory content: 46 liters
Length: 379mm
Broad: 450mm
Height: 958mm
Weight: 18kg

Viessmann Vitocell 100-W buffer cylinder, type SVPA, 46 litres, wall cylinder

Scope of delivery:

  • Viessmann Vitocell 100-W, type SVPA, 46 L, vitopearlwhite
    - For heating water storage in conjunction with heat pumps with a heat output of up to 17 kW including overflow valve.
    - To ensure the minimum system volume.
    - With EPS thermal insulation and sheet metal sheathing, wall-mounted including wall bracket.

    - For systems with:
    • Heating water flow temperature up to 95 °C
    • Operating pressure on the heating side up to 3 bar (0.3 MPa)

General product description Viessmann Vitocell

Just like space heating, hot water is also part of the comfort of a house. There are different variants to provide warm or hot water. In addition to the decentralized heating of water via a flow heater or boiler, the entire building can be supplied with hot water via the central heating system. Provided there is a hot water tank or storage water heater. Viessmann has a wide range of products to adapt to the individual needs of users. Because in addition to the number of people living in a building and the associated hot water consumption, numerous other factors also play a role; such as the space requirement or options for heating water using a solar thermal system.

But in addition to the hot water cylinders for hot water for washing dishes or showering, the Viessmann Vitocell product range also includes buffer cylinders. The so-called heating water buffer storage , as the name suggests, stores heating water that is not being used at the time of heating and is temporarily stored.

The following models are available in the Vitocell storage range:

Storage water heater

  • Vitocell 300-V/300-W
  • Vitocell 100-V/100-W
  • Vitocell 100-W
  • Vitocell 300-H
  • Vitocell 100-H
  • Vitocell 100-L

Bivalent DHW cylinder

  • Vitocell 300-B/300-W
  • Vitocell 100-B/100-W
  • Vitocell 100-U/100-W

Heating water buffer cylinder

  • Vitocell 140-E
  • Vitocell 160-E
  • Vitocell 120-E
  • Vitocell 100-E
  • Vitocell 340-M
  • Vitocell 360-M

Viessmann Vitocell DHW cylinder

Viessmann DHW cylinders from the Vitocell product range have at least energy efficiency class B as standard. Selected models are also assigned to efficiency classes A or A+. This is achieved, among other things, by thermally insulating the hot water storage tank with an additional vacuum panel. In this way, heat losses are reduced even further, which also reduces energy costs.

The Viessmann Vitocell storage tankcan be distinguished according to various criteria. For example, there are the 100 and 300 series of DHW cylinders. They differ primarily with regard to the materials that come into contact with the drinking water. We use high-quality steel with a Ceraprotect enamel coating for the Vitocell 100-V, 100-W, 100-H and 100-L products. This means that the container is particularly well protected against corrosion and thus occupies a leading position on the market. The Vitocell 300-V and 300-H products, on the other hand, use stainless steel that meets the highest hygiene standards.

Depending on the space available, Viessmann offers the option of choosing between upright and horizontal Vitocell models. The Vitocell 300-V and 100-V are among the former. The Vitocell 100-W is ideal for wall-mounted devices. The 300-H and 100-H models are horizontal tanks that allow the gas or oil condensing boiler to be installed on them.

Bivalent Vitocell DHW cylinder

In addition to the storage tanks mentioned, Viessmann also offers so-called bivalent hot water storage tanks. These are Vitocell models that provide hot drinking water using two different heat sources. Two heat generators can therefore be connected here. A solar thermal system is usually used in addition to a condensing boiler. So that this works effectively and with as little heat loss as possible, the Vitocell 300-B, 100-B and 100-U are equipped with two large heating coils. These ensure even heating.

Heating water buffer cylinder

The Vitocell 140-E, 160-E, 120-E and 100-E models are heating water buffer cylinders that temporarily store thermal energy for later use. This heat can be used either for heating or for hot water preparation using a fresh water station. The Vitocell 340-M and 360-M models also have integrated DHW heating. All models can be combined with several heat generators and can therefore be used flexibly to meet a wide variety of requirements.

Special feature: Vitocell 100-L cylinder for drinking water systems in the cylinder loading system

The use of the Vitocell 100-L is particularly worthwhile in large buildings such as hotels, schools or indoor swimming pools. This model works in combination with an accumulator charging system that combines accumulator and flow systems. The combination makes it possible to withdraw a large amount of water in a short time, which means that short-term peaks in consumption can be served.

The product features of the Vitocell 100-E/-W at a glance:

  • Type SVWA: For heating water storage in connection with heat pumps.
  • Type SVPA/SVPB: For heating water storage in connection with solar systems, heat pumps and solid fuel boilers.
  • Execution according to DIN 4753.
  • Versatile in use in heating systems with several heat generators and heat consumers due to several flow and return connections as well as additional connections for measuring points.
  • With a capacity of 200 liters specifically as an accessory for heat pump heating systems.
  • Low heat loss thanks to high-quality all-round thermal insulation.
  • Vitotrans 353 fresh water module for hygienic DHW heating based on the instantaneous water heater principle available as an accessory.
    - For tanks with 400, 600, 750 and 950 liters capacity, also for mounting on the tank.
  • With a capacity of 46 litres, wall-mounted, especially as an accessory to increase the volume of heat pump heating systems, including an overflow valve for on-site installation.