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Inta Mag Pro – Magnetic System Hub

by Intatec
The Inta Mag Pro represents the best solution to resolve system debris problems resulting from particles of corrosion and other debris that form during the normal operation of a heating or cooling system.
  • Integral stainless steel filter with 100 micron mesh gauze
  • Filter basket incorporates a self closing valve to prevent impurities from falling into the filter
  • Fitted with a dosage point to add treatment fluids easily, for dosing pot see IMPACK
  • Multiple inlet combinations
  • Option of in-line or by-pass installation on a heating system
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Magnets protected from contact with water making it easier to maintain
  • The large water content extends maintenance intervals
  • The possibility of cleaning the filter without draining system
  • Anti-condensation insulation jacket also available