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Thermox DTX -Non-Toxic Inhibited Glycol Antifreeze Heat Transfer Fluid Ground & Air Source


Thermox DTX has been especially formulated for use in ground, air and water heat pump systems, to exploit the advantages Ethylene Glycol has over Propylene Glycol - whilst delivering a non-toxic solution.

Product  Thermox DTX (Concentrate)
Product description Non-Toxic Inhibited Glycol Antifreeze for Heat Pumps.
Product dose rate 22% v/v minimum (-10) or refer to PDS page 2 dosing chart!
Systems Heat pumps (Ground, Air or Water Sourced)


Thermox DTX has been especially formulated for use in Geothermal and Air Source heating systems, to exploit the advantages Ethylene Glycol has over Propylene Glycol – whilst delivering a non-toxic solution. Specifically;

  • More efficient heat transfer.
  • Easier to pump, especially at low temperatures.
  • Less volume for the same freeze protection.

Thermox DTX  is miscible with water in all proportions and can protect Geothermal and Air Source systems down to -50°C depending on concentration. Allour ground & air source heat pump fluids are manufactured in accordance with certified ISO9001-2008 procedures

  • Summary - Rating: A Suitable for geothermal, GSHP and air-source heat recovery systems and other heating applications where a non-toxic classification is preferred. High efficiency and more cost effective than MPG and bio-based coolants.

  • Efficiency - Rating: B High thermal conductivity and low viscosity at sub-zero temperatures, results in increased heat transfer efficiency and increased heat recovery.

  • Anti-Freeze - Rating: A Provides protection down to -50°C and less volume is required to achieve the same freeze-point protection, when compared with FPG and FXC2.

  • Corrosion Control - Rating: A Long-Life formulation with synergistic corrosion inhibitors to exceed BS6580 and ASTM D1384 standards. Also contains broad-spectrum biological inhibitors and polyacrylates to prevent scale precipitation.
  • Toxicity- Rating: A Classified as Non-Toxic and Food-Safe.

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