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Flow Meter / Adjuster Fluxer with Memory Position – Red Caps


This Flow Meter Spare for Stainless Steel Manifold is designed to fit our range of 1/2" underfloor heating manifolds.

It has an adjustable flow rate of 0 to 5 litres per minute and is equipped with a red marker inside the tube to indicate the current flow rate. The tube can also be quickly unscrewed for easy cleaning.

How to adjust the flow rate

  1. Remove the red cap at the base of the flow meter and
  2. Using your fingers (no tools) turn the black screw clockwise to decrease the flow and anti clockwise to increase the flow. Do not forced the screw more than two full turns as this will damage the flow meter
  3. The red marker will rise or fall to indicate the flow rate you have set
  4. Once the desired flow rate is set replace the red cap