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12052100: ESBE 95-2M 3-P SPDT 230VAC 15NM 120S AUX

SKU 12052100

Direct from ESBE - Call to check availability or alternative models:  Live Chat / 01985 850982

ESBE 95-2M 3-P SPDT 230VAC 15NM 120S AUX

  • Adjustable operating range.
  • Assortment for any need.
  • Auxiliary switch available.

Series 90 with 3 point (open / close) signal is suitable for mixing operations together with valves such as 3F. In these applications can any position of the actuator operating range be used to get the desired mix level. The actuator is designed for operating rotary valves DN 15-150 and has adjustable cam discs to obtain an operating range of 30°-180°.

The series can easily be manually operated by a disconnection button and lever.

ESBE | 90 3-point, Actuator