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ESBE Series 90C Weather Compensating Controller (230V) 15NM

SKU 12601500

ESBE 90C-1A-90 CONTROLLER 230V 15NM 90°

  • Quick and easy mounting.
  • Numerous application possibilities.
  • Different versions to suit different demands.

Series 90C is a complete weather-compensating control unit with integrated actuator for use on mixing valves. The controller comes in 2 different versions, all equiped with full graphic display for easy handling and instant set-up. Depending of version can Series 90C handle up to 6 different sources of data input and has up to 3 possibilites of output control. This makes the 90C versatile and able to control a number of heat circuits and system components with high accaracy.

ESBE | 90C, Controller