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2 Piece Brass Ball Valve BSP Taper F/F Ends Yellow & Red


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2 Piece Brass Ball Valve
BSP Parallel F/F Ends (ISO 228/1)
•Full Bore
•40 Bar Rated (¼" - 2")
•25 Bar Rated (2½”-4” )
• -20°C to +140°C
•WRAS & EN331 Gas Approved

Brass Ball Valve  BSP Parallel Thread
BIVF040P025LFY 40P 1/4 Art 40P LFY *YELLOW* 
BIVF040P038LFY 40P 3/8 Art 40P LFY *YELLOW* 
BIVF040P050BLF 40P 1/2 Art 40P BLF *BLUE* 
BIVF040P050LFR 40P 1/2 Art 40P LFR *RED* 
BIVF040P050LFY 40P 1/2 Art 40P LFY *YELLOW* 
BIVF040P075BLF 40P 3/4 Art 40P BLF *BLUE* 
BIVF040P075LFR 40P 3/4 Art 40P LFR *RED* 
BIVF040P075LFY 40P 3/4 Art 40P LFY *YELLOW* 
BIVF040P100BLF 40P 1 Art 40P BLF *BLUE* 
BIVF040P100LFR 40P 1 Art 40P LFR *RED* 
BIVF040P100LFY 40P 1 Art 40P LFY *YELLOW* 
BIVF040P125BLF 40P 1.1/4 Art 40P BLF *BLUE* 
BIVF040P125LFR 40P 1.1/4 Art 40P LFR *RED* 
BIVF040P125LFY 40P 1.1/4 Art 40P LFY *YELLOW* 
BIVF040P150BLF 40P 1.1/2 Art 40P BLF *BLUE* 
BIVF040P150LFR 40P 1.1/2 Art 40P LFR *RED* 
BIVF040P150LFY 40P 1.1/2 Art 40P LFY *YELLOW* 
BIVF040P200BLF 40P 2 Art 40P BLF *BLUE* 
BIVF040P200LFR 40P 2 Art 40P LFR *RED* 
BIVF040P200LFY 40P 2 Art 40P LFY *YELLOW* 
BIVF040P250LFY 40P 2.1/2 Art 40P LFY *YELLOW* 
BIVF040P300LFY 40P 3 Art 40P LFY *YELLOW* 
BIVF040P400LFY 40P 4 Art 40P LFY *YELLOW*