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Sideflow Clean 3.5l / 5l

by Flamco
SKU 17021

The SideFlow Clean is a partial flow filter for continuous cleaning of the system for central heating and cooling installations. Connecting a SideFlow Clean to an installation ensures that a proportion (10% PICV) of the main flow is filtered, which means dirt and magnetite are captured through a combination of a filter bag and magnetic filtration.

Side stream filtration for the removal of magnetic and nonmagnetic suspended solids.Quick and easy to install and maintain.Simple to mount thanks to integrated wall fastening.Integrated insulation jacket.The unit can be mounted for either left hand or right hand applications.Suitable for addition of glycol-based anti-freeze up to 50%.
17021 - SideFlow Clean 3.5L <span class="cat-Rood">*</span> - SideFlow Clean Dirt Separators | Flamco Group