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Viessmann Vitodens 200-W System: 7" colour touch screen and outdoor sensor (7956233) 11 kW - Z020311

SKU Z020311
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A powerful gas condensing boiler for larger homes

The new generation of heating systems. Greater efficiency, lower emissions, simple operation. Future-proof, durable and digital. Vitodens 200-W hydrogen ready boiler (H2 20% blend) sets the standard for the future. Easy to install, operate and maintain.

  • Up to 98% of the fuel used is converted into heat
  • Quiet operation thanks to low fan speed
  • Compact dimensions, only 450 mm wide
  • Easy to operate Vitotronic control unit with 7 inch colour touchscreen
  • Integrated WiFi interface for internet connection
  • Modulation range 1:17
  • Hydrogen Ready Boiler (H2 20% blend)
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Optionally available as combi or system boiler
  • Convenient operation at eye-level through upwards movable display
  • New environmentally responsible MatriX-Plus burner

Standard Delivery:

  • Modulating, fan-assisted premix burner with Lambda Pro Plus
  • Control unit with integral WiFi interface
  • Integral safety valves
  • Variable speed high efficiency circulation pump and 3-way valve (for connecting a DHW cylinder)
  • Expansion vessel (10 litres)
  • Fully plumbed and wired
  • Boiler flue connection
  • Outside temperature sensor

Download the Viessmann ViCare Application:


Specification Measures
Depth 360 mm
Width 450 mm
Height 700 mm
Weight 33 kg

Compatible Installation Accessories  
Note:- Find Product Accessories in the Above Tabs

* Connection set to be ordered separately from below options 
ZK04307 * Pre-plumbing jig for surface mounting Including valves
ZK04669 * Valves/fittings pack for surface mounting
ZK04308 * Spacer frame for rear pipework including valves with 90mm clearance
ZK04670 * Flush mounting valves/fittings pack including backplate for studwork walls
ZK02164 Locking caps for cylinder connection (if DHW operation is not used)
ZK04671 DHW cylinder temperature sensor 


Product Code Description
Z017415 Vitotrol 200-E hard wired remote control unit (PlusBus) - max two Vitotrol per boiler
7438537 Room temperature sensor - to supplement Vitotrol 200-E
ZK04647 Contact thermostat for B2HE/B2KE
Product Code Description
ZK04304 Sub-mounting kit with mixer for system boiler can only be used in conjunction with a surface mounted pre-plumbing jig.
ZK04928 Sub-mounting kit with mixer for combi boiler can only be used in conjunction with a surface mounted pre-plumbing jig
ZK05677 Wall spacer frame & fasteners. Wall clearance: 90 mm
7425493 Contact temperature limiter for underfloor heating systems
ZK04310 Valve/fittings cover for 450mm wide boiler
7464889 By Pass Valve wth O rings
ZK01989 Straight-through Gas Valve R1/2 for flush mounting
ZK01990 Angle Gas Valve R1/2 for flush mounting
ZK04032 Temperature sensor for low loss header
ZK03679 Vertical low loss header 1" connections (3 cubic metre)
ZK03682 Wall mounting bracket for vertical low loss header
Z017409 EM-MX mixer extension kit including MIXER MOTOR (Mixer mounted)
Z017410 EM-M1 mixer extension kit without MOTOR (Wall mounted)
Z017414 EM-MX mixer extension for DIVICON
7465894 Single Divicon wall mounting bracket
7460638 * Manifold for 2 Divicons (3/4 or 1")
7460643 * Manifold for 3 Divicons (3/4 or 1")
  * Requires additional Low loss header and brackets as below
7460649 Low loss header 100/60 for Divicon Manifold (3/4 or 1") with flow rate up to 4.5m3/h
7465439 Multiple divicon manifold wall mounting bracket
Z024683 Divicon heating circuit distributor with mixer 3/4"
Z024684 Divicon heating circuit distributor with mixer 1"
Z017411 EM-P1 pump extension for DHW secondary pump, or pump without mixer
Z019336 EM-S1 solar module extension
Z017412 EM-EA1 extension
7574319 Cylinder demand box (System boiler)
7369810 Condensate pump for low level boiler installation