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Superstatic 440 Heat Meter

The Sontex Superstatic 440 Heat Meters are available in model sizes from 15mm (1/2") up to 500mm. From 15mm to 40mm, the meters are supplied with screwed connections, and unions are included with each meter with male BSP threads. From 50mm and above, the meters are supplied with flanged PN16 connections.

Our standard stock of meters are programmed for installation on the return pipe of a heating circuit (cold pipe), and for use with water as a medium. However, if you need the meter to be installed on the flow pipe (hot) instead, and/or are using the meter with glycol antifreeze then contact us during your order and we'll make sure those options are covered at no additional cost.

We recommend that our meters are installed to be powered by 230Vac mains electric and that will be our standard supply, but should you prefer a battery powered meter with no external power input then we can offer this at the same cost - once again, just contact us at the time of your order and we'll ensure that is changed.

The temperature range these meters operate within is (-20) to 130DegC and they are rated to up to 16Bar operating pressure.

Click here to find Our Data Sheet and Installation Instructions on our website