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Sonniger Panel Intelligent heater controller - WIFI for Sonniger Heater Condens & Sonniger Air Curtains


Lead time 7-10 Days from Sonniger:  Call for quote  Live Chat / 01985 850982

INTELLIGENT WIFI panel with weekly programmer and automatic operating mode.

The INTELLIGENT WIFI panel with a weekly programmer and an automatic operating mode selects the fan speed depending on the set temperature. The lower the air temperature in the room, the greater the air flow. The fan speed is changed automatically without any manual intervention by the user. In addition, it allows you to control the operation of the device via the application on your phone.


  • Temperature reading from internal sensor or external NTC sensor.
    Manual or automatic 3-step fan control.
  • Weekly programming 5/1/1 days.
  • Antifreeze protection 5 ~ 15 °C.
  • Remote control from the Tuya Smart application
  • Dry contact

Technical Documents find on pages 12 to 13.