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Discontinued - Purotap Nexion Resin Salt Limescale & Rust Remover ( pH Balancing ) - 12.5L , 25L

SKU 101649

This range is currently discontinued, Check New Range here by IWTM
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The resin for the new generation of systems with a defined surplus of anion resin for regulating the pH


Tested 2‑component mixed bed resin with a high proportion of anion resin for reliable full desalination and controlled pH value. Removes limescale and corrosive salts from water.
To guarantee that PUROTAP® appliances work faultlessly and for a long time, it is recommended to use only PUROTAP® mixed bed resin.

making fill water and top-up water for the new generation of building services systems. Particularly heat pumps, low-temperature heaters, refrigeration systems, and water tanks used for technical purposes.

Variations and Specification 

PUROTAP Nexion 12.5 litres

  • Volume - 12.5 litres
  • Capacity - 16.5 m3 at 1 °dH 30 m3 at 1 °fH
  • Topping up to - PUROTAP easy, PUROTAP compenso 12

PUROTAP Nexion 25 litres

  • Volume - 25 litres (2 x 12.5 l)
  • Capacity - 33 m3 at 1 °dH 60 m3 at 1 °fH
  • Topping up to - PUROTAP profi,  25 PUROTAP profi 50 (2 x)