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ESBE VRG138 Mixing valve Rotating nut and external thread

SKU 11604100

Direct from ESBE - Call to check availability or alternative models:  Live Chat / 01985 850982

  • Superb regulation for highest performance.
  • Lowest internal leakage on the market (< 0,05%).
  • Compact, flexible and easy to install.
  • Long lasting and high durability.
  • Perfect match between the valve and ESBE actuators.

Series VRG130 are 3-way valves suitable for mixing or diverting operation. The valves are made of high-performing brass allowing use in heating and cooling installations. The VRG series is available in DN15-50 and comes with different types of connections to suit most pipe dimensions. The valve is perfectly combined with ESBE actuators and controllers.


Data sheet VRG130
Installation instruction VRG130

VRG138, Rotating nut and external thread

VRG138_2RN.pngVRG138_VRG338_verA_issueA_lr.pngVRG138 front_B-01.png
VRG138 side_A-01.png Reference DN Kvs Connection A [mm] B [mm] C [mm] D [mm] E [mm] Weight [kg] Replaces
11603800 VRG138 20 4 2x RN 1" + G 1" 36 72 32 50 36 0,56
11604100 VRG138 20 6,3 3x RN 1" 36 72 32 50 36 0,59 11001500