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61240100: ESBE GRF111 VRG432-25

SKU 61240100

Direct from ESBE - Call to check availability or alternative models:  Live Chat / 01985 850982

ESBE GRF111 VRG432-25

  • Perfect control thanks to progressive valve characteristic
  • 180mm pump ready – be free to use favorite pump manufacturer
  • Control the system manually, via actuator or even controller
  • High class, adjustable insulation shell
The ESBE series GRF100 is a circulation mixing unit which is intended for heating circulations where the flow and temperature control are required. Equipped with two shut-off valves with thermometers, check valve and high class isolation shell. The GRF100 is delivered with the 3-way rotary progressive mixing valve, which ensures low oversizing risk and best regulation performances independent from flow rate. 

The ESBE Circulation Unit GRF100 is ready to work with 180mm pumps. The smart adjustable insulation shell makes it sure that any kind of pump will be isolated in a right way. Choose the best system control and select one of the actuators or controllers from ESBE program.

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