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64040500: ESBE FSK905 Sensor Grundfos

SKU 64040500

Direct from ESBE - Call to check availability or alternative models:  Live Chat / 01985 850982

ESBE FSK905 Sensor Grundfos

  • All time fresh, vital and hygienic hot water in the demanded volume
  • High tap rates
  • Fast reaction times
  • Lowest calcification risk
  • Legionella flushing function

The Series FSK100 are designed for potable water applications. Equipped with unique hydro block, quick mixing actuator, two pass plate heat exchangers and intelligent controller the FSK100 series are one of a kind. These high sophisticated appliances provide outstanding potable water performance and temperature stability. The FSK100 series set a new standard on fresh hydro units market.

ESBE | FSK100, Fresh hydro unit