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Discharge Auger 110 for FBR-G 2.0 to 5.0

SKU 1611220A

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Discharge auger 110 for FBR-G 2.0

For discharging:

Wood chips acc. EN ISO 17225

  • part 4: wood chips class A2 / P16S-P31S2
  • part 2: wood pellets class A1 / D06

The special shape of the channel and the feed screw with progressive pitch of the screw blade ensure reliable wood chip transport

Suitable for the FBR installation position 0-15° Consisting of:

  • Metering auger 110 modular with plug in connection
  • Auger channel (length depending on diameter of the agitator system)
  • 0,6 m closed channel
  • Gravity shaft top with sprinkler and thermal valve with geared motor (graded according to performance and model of agitator: 25 kW, 0.37 kW)