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B25TH x 50 Plates 1P-SC-M 2x1inch &22U(20) / 2x22U(20)+2x1/2inch INT(20) Opposite Entry Brazed plate Heat Exchanger

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SWEP Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
B25THx50/1P-SC-M 2x1inch &22U(20) / 2x22U(20)+2x1/2inch INT(20)

B25TH x 50 Plates 1P-SC-M
Front Connection 2 x 1inch &22U(20)   
Back connections 2x22U(20) + 2x1/2inch INT(20) 

Suitable for Water to water or  Ethylene Glycol to Water 

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The B25 delivers efficient heat exchange solutions across a wide capacity interval, and is quick and simple to adapt for numerous applications. The product’s versatility and excellent heat transfer make it an excellent choice for demanding cooling applications and as a condenser in two-phase applications.