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JOULE Cyclone High Gain Horizontal Standard 7 & Short C Stainless Steel Unvented Cylinder


Joule Cyclone 200 Litre High Gain Horizontal Indirect Un-Vented Cylinder (TCIMHH-0200NFC)

The Joule Cyclone 200 Litre Horizontal Indirect Un-Vented Cylinder (TCIMHH-0200NFC) comes with:

• 22 mm Inlet Control Group
• 35 Litre Expansion Vessel
• 19 mm x 22 mm Tundish
• Dual Cylinder Thermostat
• 1/2" T&P Valve (pre-fitted)

Cylinder Features:

• Comes complete with cradles fitted

• Solar coil option available

• Female connections throughout

• Smooth tube rigid coil means no air locking

• Bevelled stat pocket for better fitting

• Metallic grey wipe-clean rigid case for premium appearance

• Butt Welded process used throughout

• Robotically welded

• Branded quality components

• Multiple system schematics available in installation manual