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JOULE Cyclone Indirect High Gain Slimline Heat Pump Cylinder


The JOULE Cyclone UK unvented cylinders are compatible with all heatpumps in the UK. These cylinders have been specifically designed to work seamlessly with Joule heating systems, and our slimline range features a reduced diameter for easy installation in compact floor spaces. Made from top-quality Duplex stainless steel, our unvented cylinders are equipped with branded components and boast a high-efficiency coil that utilizes energy from the air to heat the water. They are also compatible with Air Source Heat pumps.

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Data sheet ( Find on Page 14th) - Joule Cyclone Cylinder Boucher

Item No. Desc. Capacity
TCIMVH-0150SFB 150L CYCLONE IND HG SLIMLINE B (1335 x 475mm) 140L
TCIMVH-0170SFB 170L CYCLONE IND HG SLIMLINE B (1535 x 475mm) 158L
TCIMVH-0200SFC 200L CYCLONE IND HG SLIMLINE C (1880 x 475mm) 188L