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Sunamp Thermino ePlus ( Direct Cylinder Replacements ) - Grid supply & PV Ready

The Thermino ePlus is a modernized version of the Thermino e, designed to be future-proof by incorporating all orientations into one unit. Now, instead of needing separate models for Electric only and Electric and PV, the unit comes standard as Grid Electric only. For those wanting to convert to Grid Electric and PV, the optional Optimino key can be purchased and easily plugged onto the circuit board.

Sunamp's Thermino 70 ePlus provides a sleek, space-saving replacement for traditional direct hot water cylinders. With the ability to schedule charging periods and take advantage of off-peak/variable tariffs, these heat batteries are a smart and cost-effective solution for heating water.

Plus, with an internal element covered by a 10-year warranty, they ensure powerful showers at a consistent temperature. Their advanced storage technology also allows them to be up to four times smaller than standard cylinders, freeing up valuable storage space in any home. Available in four sizes that can be combined, Sunamp Thermino 70 ePlus is the perfect fit for any hot water requirements.

Key features

  • Space-saving innovation: Up to 4 x smaller than conventional hot water cylinders.
  • Add solar PV at any time: Easy and affordable upgrade to low carbon efficiency with Optimino PV key
  • Invigorating showers: Enjoy the luxury of mains pressure showers and on-demand hot water
  • Hassle-free: Easy to install and no mandatory annual maintenance on the appliance
  • Super efficient: Ultra low heat losses
  • Save money on bills: Charge off-peak using time of use tariffs or with free solar electricity
  • Legionella protection: Innovative design minimises risk of Legionella
Future proofed with Optimino key Click here *Need to be ordered Separately.